BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager

BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager
BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager
BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager
BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager
BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager
BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager

BEFITZ™ - Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager

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Are you suffering from any of these symptoms?

Neck Pain, Tension Headache, Migraines, Cervical Pain, Sore Neck Muscle, Neck Pain Induced Insomnia.


Instant pain relief in few minutes! Long office hours started to show in your shoulders health condition and your neck? Guess what? We have perfect solution for you! BEFITZ™ Electric Neck And Shoulder Massager is definitely the right choice for you.


  • Instant Relief from Neck Pain & Stiffness - Smart Pulse Neck Massager uses a low-frequency TENS pulse that relaxes muscles in the affected area granting you the enjoyment of physical exercise & daily activities without pain, discomfort, or complications.
  • Improves Sleep Quality - It improves your sleep quality by promoting blood circulation and effectively relieving body tension.
  • Improves Flexibility - Our Smart Pulse Neck Massager improves the flexibility of your neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Ultimate Relaxation - You can feel the stress getting washed away from your body. It imitates a real masseur and provides ultimate relaxation. You can feel the change after using it only for a few minutes.
  • Features:

    1. New generation smart neck massager

    Our Smart Pulse Neck Massager provides pulse heated neck massage along with 107.6°F constant temperature fomentation. The neck massager simulates a real human massage to promote blood circulation, relieve your neck pain, activate tissue cells, relieve shoulder tiredness, and relax your whole body. This provides the effect of a perfect Shiatsu massage.

    2. 3 Unique massage modes

    The Smart Pulse Neck Massager offers three unique massage modes to choose from and 15 different intensity settings for each mode. Customize the message to suit your exact preferences and needs so that you can get rid of neck pain forever.

    3. Cordless & portable

    No more bulky neck massagers! Weighs only 4.93 oz (160g) and has a long‐capacity battery. It is rechargeable via USB charging. 1 hour of charging can give you 4 hours relief, which means you can charge it once and get deep relaxation massage for 16 days (15 min per session).

  • 4. Warm compress, quick relief neck pressure

    Equipped with 107.6°F constant temperature and warm compress technique, our Smart Pulse Neck Massager gives the most comfortable neck relaxation. Updated with the new interior sensor and programs, which can control the temperature precisely and avoid excessive heat.

    5. Ergonomic design

    Made with a silica gel pad of skin-friendly breathable materials to avoid discomfort or allergies caused by long‐time exposure. The massage machine adopts an intelligent 3D floating electrode plate and a 4‐point fixed design. And it's "U" shape design fits the physiological curve of the neck perfectly and ensures the comfort of use.

    6. Enjoy massage anytime, anywhere!

    With its fashionable and smart design, our Smart Pulse Neck Massager can be used anywhere and anytime ON THE GO.

    7. Safe to use

    This neck massager uses low-frequency electric pulse therapy that provides complete muscle relaxation. It’s completely safe to use to relieve any regular/irregular neck pain. The neck massager is equipped with a 15‐minute auto‐off function to ensure a safe massage experience.

    Although the Smart Pulse Neck Massager is perfectly safe for most people, we recommend that some groups of people avoid it unless a doctor advises to use it. This recommendation applies to the following people:

    • Pregnant Women: Pregnant women should avoid using the Neck Massager in the abdominal and pelvic regions.
    • People with Epilepsy: Applying electrodes to the head or neck of people with epilepsy may induce seizures.
    • Patients with a bleeding tendency
    • People with high fever, heart problems, and malignant tumors.
    • People with a pacemaker or another type of electrical or metal implant.

    8. Long battery life 

  • The built‐in rechargeable lithium battery of our Smart Pulse Neck Massager comes with a standard micro USB connector, that effectively prevents overcharge and over-discharge. It can provide up to 4 hours of non‐stop usage with one time full charge.


5 - 8 DAYS
7 - 15 DAYS


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