BEFITZ™ - Battle Rope

BEFITZ™ - Battle Rope
BEFITZ™ - Battle Rope
BEFITZ™ - Battle Rope
BEFITZ™ - Battle Rope
BEFITZ™ - Battle Rope

BEFITZ™ - Battle Rope

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Battle Ropes for Muscle Training

Twisted war rope is a high quality, durable strength training rope that offers a variety of personalized exercises and activities to enhance your fitness routine. Training ropes are a great way to increase aerobic and anaerobic endurance.


A Full Body Workout.

War ropes are one of the few fitness equipment that targets your entire body. At first it may seem that only your upper body is activated, but that is not true! Combining jumping jacks and lungs with fitness rope exercises targets your core, leg muscles and upper body and gives you a full body workout.

Strengthens Weak Body Parts.

The use of strings targets connections in the body that would otherwise go unnoticed. To move the rope, you need to create force from the ground, transfer it to your legs, torso, arms, and finally reach the rope. It ensures strengthening of the feet, ankles, knees, hips and other weak joints.

Improves Overall Stability.

When you do rope exercises that keep your feet firmly on the ground, you will improve the stability of your body. As you move the rope, the energy generated will return to the body and you will need to maintain stability throughout the workout.


PREMIUM QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: 100% Polyester Dacron Material and Nylon Sheaths make war ropes very durable, abrasion resistant, abrasive and keep them clean.

GREAT FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: The TGB battle rope is 1.5 inches in diameter, 30 feet long and weighs 16 pounds. It is ideal for more intense exercises and for intermediate and upper level users.

NON SLIP HANDLE: It features extra 10 "handles made of heat-shrinkable material, which provides better protection for your hands and a more secure grip during intense workouts.

VERSATILE AND EFFECTIVE:  You can do crawler throw, burpee strike, alternate wave side lunge combo, single arm plank waves and double wave / jump squat combo with our battle ropes. They help to get an extraordinary workout while toning your abdomen, arms and shoulders to improve your flexibility and coordination.


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